« Between Here and There » gallery

Between Here and There… is an invitation to turn away from the outside to penetrate its inner landscapes as to start a quest… The daily assails us by the sounds of all kinds, from the frantic pace of our occupations, the lack of time and calm… From the point of losing our desire, our dynamism to act in the growth of our being, our power to exist. Between what we live and the quest for more meaning and joy, our gaze turns to the horizon from which emanates something in silence… And these landscapes, under the eyes of the beholder, open to very personal endless expanses where one seeks the path of what we sense, feel, leaving unborn that little voice that she knows the road to take in this personal quest for happiness.
Priscille Febvre Dehove

Priscille febvre Dehove, contemporary artist invites you to discover her Creative process, the Galleries of her works: Between Here and There…, Meeting, Step by Step…, Wise Land and Transparency. Discover her paintings Live and share with her the creation of a painting in her private Workshop. Live with her Video her exhibition at Cordant & Nelle California, follow her News and get in touch with the artist to transmit your impressions on her paintings and be part of her Golden Book. Live with her moments of intense emotion through her painting…