Exhibition Cordant Nelle & Winery 2017

Cordant & Nelle Winery is a company that creates its wines. It won a big success in all the United States. Nelle Tyler, the owner, is very friendly and regularly organize a lot of exhibitions to combine the artistic side and the enjoyment of wine.

Priscille has exhibited her paintings in partnership with Jim apRoberts who was kind enough to make her much space before continuing exposure. It was a very friendly musical moment with jazzy orchestra to seal the alliance wine and art.

Expo Cordant & Nelle winery 2017

Visitors present by invitation very welcomed Priscille. It was on this occasion that she met her first collectors. They really enjoyed the paintings and they expect that on summer 2018 she strengthen the link created between her and them and she reassure them about the continuity and evolution of her work.

One of the journalists from the Californian wine industry has spent a lot of time photographing her paintings including “Ecstasy” ( Transparency ). Of particular interest to him was this painting, which has been gained his interest of the world of wine. Tyler also mentioned the desire to use this painting for a wine label project for all his bottles.

to be continued…
See exhibition VIDEO.