The creative process

In her creative process, Priscille Febvre Dehove proposes, through her painting, an ” initiatory path “.
This path invites everyone to follow an introspection, to return after to the outside world, with a freer vision, more liberated, more natural, more happy. The ranges of her paintings are following this path and offer to feel experience behind the woman who is freeing herself, a reflection, a philosophy. By this “initiatory path”, the artist offers this approach to that in the end her painting journey offers authentic and genuine emotions. Priscille Febvre Dehove paints because there is something to seek deeply within oneself.

Between Here and There…

The horizon highlights the infinite “. Victor HUGO

” Between Here and There… “ is an invitation to turn away from the outside to penetrate its inner landscapes as to start a quest…
The daily assails us by the sounds of all kinds, from the frantic pace of our occupations, the lack of time and calm…
From the point of losing our desire, our dynamism to act in the growth of our being, our power to exist.

Between what we live and the quest for more meaning and joy, our gaze turns to the horizon from which emanates something in silence… And these landscapes, under the eyes of the beholder, open to very personal endless expanses where one seeks the path of what we sense, feel, leaving unborn that little voice that she knows the road to take in this personal quest for happiness.

Portrait Priscille
CHEMINS DE TRAVERSE - Acrylique sur toile coton 40 x 40 cm - 2016


In silence, only the truth of each is bound and takes root “.

” Meeting “ invites to venture into my paintings to open a dialogue with oneself.
A dialogue on the strengths of what we think we see and those seeing only that in which we believe, forces that echo on the walls of the soul. Inner dialogue that challenges the certainties and aspires to silence. For it is through silence that the path emerges for a glimpse, perceive what actually exists within us.
Make silence…

Extracting ourselves around the world to get along better, disengage ourselves futile thoughts and superficial things and, in the moment, be aware. Make silence…
Allowing reality to transcend, our shells to crack, to surrender to self, to face themselves in the mirror of our soul… Then begin to access the deepest self. So that silence becomes the meeting place with ourselves to find personal fulfilment.

Step by step

Do not predict anything except the unexpected. Expect nothing if not unexpected “. Christian BOBIN

” Step by Step “ colors translate my words…
The veil is torning, I contact what emerges from my inner.
My colors collide, mingle and merge.
I’m not resisting.
And I go, step by step…
Portrait Priscille
Portrait Priscille

Wise Land

The abstract paintings reveal a method: to have no subject, not calculating, but to develop, to give birth “. Gerhard RICHTER

In ” Country Wise “, my interior is rebuilding, at a pace and lines which I confront myself to find my balance point. Emotions arise. The painting becomes a puzzle which is restructuring with each piece of the inner self. The colours are investing forms with a density that query, which seeks, which comes to life.

This is to find the first emotions, made of intense pleasure, and join them and welcome.


” What is a paint, I do not know. It’s what I am looking for. Each of my paintings asks a question. I can only say that in my opinion a painting, when you deeply look at, is not a window to the outside, but a door that opens to the inside of our minds “.

” Transparency “ to let the light source of life runs through my paintings.

And this is what gives essence to my artistic approach.

Search, express, create light in the space of my paintings as sensory witness, witness of this energy that drives me.

Inner light that illuminates as a guide, in a motion between the imaginary and the material leading to a universe in which every emotion, every feeling is made free, authentic, and true.

The light makes things transparent and reveals their meaning and simplicity.

Reaching the intense pleasure to marvel at the simple beauty of life.

And only look now with one’s heart.
Portrait Priscille peinture Tableau Abstraction