« Meeting » gallery

Meeting is a dialogue on the strengths of what we think we see and those seeing only that in which we believe, forces that echo on the walls of the soul. Inner dialogue that challenges the certainties and aspires to silence. For it is through silence that the path emerges for a glimpse, perceive what actually exists within us. Make silence… Extracting ourselves around the world to get along better, disengage ourselves futile thoughts and superficial things and, in the moment, be aware. Make silence… Allowing reality to transcend, our shells to crack, to surrender to self, to face themselves in the mirror of our soul… Then begin to access the deepest self. So that silence becomes the meeting place with ourselves to find personal fulfilment.

Priscille Febvre Dehove

Priscille febvre Dehove, contemporary artist invites you to discover her Creative process, the Galleries of her works: Between Here and There…, Meeting, Step by Step…, Wise Land and Transparency. Discover her paintings Live and share with her the creation of a painting in her private Workshop. Live with her Video her exhibition at Cordant & Nelle California, follow her News and get in touch with the artist to transmit your impressions on her paintings and be part of her Golden Book. Live with her moments of intense emotion through her painting…