SLO Provisions Exhibition 2017, Paso Robles, CA

On the occasion of her exhibition at SLO Provisions, shop in San Luis Obispo, CA, USA, Priscille met a lot of visitors from all backgrounds and of all ages.

These people, despite the exceptionally hot period, marked a real interest in the exhibits and asked Priscille to tell them what was happening in each painting.

Most visitors were very surprised very structured side of the works and asked Priscille to tell them a story by canvas.

Being French and come from so far away to mount her work was quite surprising for them and they have shown a real interest in the paintings on display.

Priscille had exchanges with art students at the University of California who needed to know the history of the paintings. It was important for them to understand the carnal and sensual link the artist with her paintings, which link they have not in their culture.

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See photos of the exhibition.